The Most Common American Bullion Complaints

Gold Investing2American Bullion is a company that assists their clients in moving their investments from the traditional form to investments in precious metals. This brokerage firm has been around since 2009, founded with the intent to cash in on the demand for precious metals. In some cases, the people that have worked with the company have filed American Bullion complaints with different organizations. The most common complaints include issues such as fees, costs, and customer service.

Several American Bullion complaints listed issues with fees. Although the firm disputes them, numerous people have complained that their quoted fees do not match what they were actually charged. The customers stated that they requested details of the fees charged multiple times, but in most cases, their questions went unanswered.

The costs are another issue for many who filed American Bullion complaints. Customers repeatedly posted problems they faced with being grossly overcharged during their purchases, only finding out about this later. The company has disputed these complaints by reminding customers that they are the final say in their purchases. Ultimately, the customer should have done some research of their own before making their choices.

Customer service appears to be a major point of issue for American Bullion. Repeated complaints stem from sales representatives gold ira companies disappearing after working with the client. The customer establishes a rapport with the representative, only to find that person gone the next time they call. The firm reroutes these customers to the sales manager when this happens, and many customers are unhappy with the sudden change.

Gold IRA Rollover1Many customers feel that they have been taken advantage of by the company. In some cases, elderly customers have complained that they have been taken for a ride. They are not getting what they purchased, or they are being charged much more than they feel is appropriate. Some have accused the firm of exploitation of the elderly, a serious claim.

Another very common problem that people have with the company involves their marketing tactics. Though they have requested the removal of their phone numbers and personal information from the broker’s databases, many people continue to receive phone calls. The company tells them that they will be taken off each time, yet this is not shown in their practices.

Searching for American Bullion actually suggests that you look for complaints that deal with their company. Their reputation is quite negative in the  online world, which can convince many people to look in a different direction. The firm needs to make some serious changes in order to be once again taken seriously by potential customers, rather than just brushed aside in favor of a more reputable company.

If American Bullion revealed their business practices to the customers that asked for them, many customers would immediately be more satisfied with their business. The same goes for ensuring that their customers are charged correctly. Until this occurs, they will continue to receive complaints about predatory practices and lies. No company can survive this type of reputation for long.